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Peptiva helped break the stereotype that probiotics are only for people looking to fix their stomach issues. Peptiva's groundbreaking formula also helps de-stress so you can enjoy a deeper, more satisfying sleep. GNC stores secured the exclusive rights to Peptiva's US launch, but you won't find this exclusive sample offer there. .
Dr. David Katz, a health and wellness thought leader and the Director and Co-founder of the Yale Prevention Research Center, helped formulate a groundbreaking probiotic supplement
The key ingredients in Peptiva include a powerful combination of 6 clinically validated probiotic strains, which are also guaranteed to keep their potency up to the expiration date (many probiotics are only guaranteed at the time of manufacturing.)
Benefits include being less bloated, having embarrassing digestive issues vanish, less frequent bathroom trips and amazing sleep through the night. GNC stores secured the exclusive retail rights to Peptiva’s US launch but may soon be available in Vitamin Shoppe, Vitamin World, Walgreens and more. Right now new customers can try Peptiva to see how it works for them.
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